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tv   Today  NBC  March 19, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. defiance. the libyan kick at a time tore slams the u.n.'s slet of military action with a warning of his own. this morning they're fighting back bringing down one of his warplanes. we're live in tripoli for the latest. disaster in japan. the desperate efforts to prevent multiple nuclear meltdowns and the search for an american teacher missing. and to the rescue. commuters waiting for a train become heros saving a young woman from a sex offender who appears to be trying to abduct her. it was all caught on camera "today" saturday, march 19th, it was all caught on camera "today" saturday, march 19th, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> we have to welcome you back. incredible reporting from japan. and you go out there within 24 hours of the quake. >> my head is still spinning from all we saw, the sights, sounds, fears and emotions. we'll also be talking about another crisis. libya may be reaching a boiling point. today gadhafi says western powers will regret it if they interfere in will i be began affairs. >> gadhafi called the u.n. resolution invalid and this morning there are new reports of fighting in benghazi. gadhafi forces are reportedly trying to storm the city and new images of a warplane that was apparently shot down over the skies of benghazi. this all comes as secretary of state hillary clinton meets in
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paris today with nato members to discuss possible military action against the regime. we will have more in a moment. >> as we noted, the gentleman disaster in japan, emergency crews still trying to stop the radiation leaking from the crippled power plant. japan raised the nuclear crisis from a level four to level five. that is the same level for the three mile island accident in 1979. we'll get an update coming up. also the search for ap-american schoolteacher missing in japan 24-year-old taylor anderson helped her students get home after the quake hit, but then she disappeared. her parents have not heard from her since the disaster. they will join us morning to tell us what's being done to find her. >> also coming up, the murder case against casey anthony, the florida mop accused of kaling her daughter, caylee. with her trial just weeks away, a judge has made a very important ruling on stapts she made to the police, statements the defense doesn't want a jury to hear.
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we'll tell you a lot more about that still ahead. but we want to begin with libya. gadhafi stepping up his rhetoric saying the demands for a cease-fire are invalid. jim maceda is live in tripoli for us. >> reporter: first let's go to benghazi and reports from both rebel fighters and residents there that gadhafi forces now are on the outskirts of benghazi and they are fighting on the outskirts. they moved from about 40 or 50 miles outside of town to about 12 miles last night. this morning they were just three miles out beyond the center of town with tanks firing towards the center. also mortar rounds were being fired. the rebels are under attack. no other way to describe it. these forces are coming from the so you were approach and this, of course, is in flagrant
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violation not only of the u.n. security council resolution, but also of the libyan government's call for a unilateral cease fire yesterday. you mentioned the shots of the warplane. it turns out that the rebels have confirmed that that was one of their two or three very old 1970s rickety migs ghon deamigs. they sent it over to the southwestern part of town near the airport where the fighting is taking place. it's still unclear whether in fact that jet was taken out by anti-aircraft fire from gadhafi forces or when it simply caught fire. again, these are very old jets in states of disrepair. overnight here about in tripoli, one of the spokespersons here which is in fact a deputy foreign minister said that all these reports about attacks,
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breaking the cease fire, violations of any kind, all of these are lies, they're fabrications coming from the rebel side, that it in fact, it's the rebels who are firing, the rebels triggering these types of incidents and he reinstated his call for a u.n. group, a delegation to come to monitor the cease fire to prove that it's the other side doing the violations. >> jim maceda in tripoli. thanks very much. now we want to turn to the pressure on gadhafi to comply with the cease fire. president obama is making it clear the libyan dictator has to end the fighting or else. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell now with the very latest. >> reporter: this is what the u.s. and it allies are trying to stop. gadhafi forces pounding rebels in the western city of misrata. the rebels claim this video i don't was taken friday even after gadhafi announced a cease fire. in fact gadhafi seemed
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determined to carry out a bloody threat to retake the rebel strong hold benghazi. he said he would show no mercy and no compassion. all this prompted a grave commander in chief to issue a blunt warning. >> these terms are not subject to negotiation. if gadhafi does not comply with the resolution, the international community will impose consequences. and the resolution will be enforced through military action. >> reporter: president obama spoke shortly after briefing 18 congressional leaders, including many wary of yet another military engagement in a ththir muslim country. but in benghazi, rebels cheered the u.n. decision to come to their rescue. >> very happy. >> reporter: as the fighting continues, the president is sending his secretary of state to paris to consult again with the allies. >> colonel gadhafi's refusal to hear the repeated calls up until
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now to halt violence against his own people have left us with no other choice but to pursue this course of action. >> reporter: u.s. officials say air strikes against gadhafi forces would be led by the british and french with an unusual arab coalition. support expected from squor dan, the united emirates, and kuwait. >> britain will deploy torontos as well as surveillance aircraft. >> reporter: president obama ruled out u.s. ground troops, but not air power. officials say the u.s. role would be to provide intelligence and track gadhafi's air defenses. the u.s. would also provide ariel refuel to go allied planes. the navy already had warships in the mediterranean equipped with missiles and helicopters. for "today," andrea mitchell, nbc news washington. >> with more, here is amy. president obama and the first family just arrived in brazil for what the white house calls a job seeking mission.
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chuck todd is with the president and joins us from brazil. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: despite everything on the president's plate between japan, monitoring that situation, and of course the situation in libya, there was no thought of canceling this trip. there's a couple reasons. as you pointed out, they view this as a big chance to try to get a better foothold into south america economically. right now the chinese basically have had a greater role in south america and the rise of brazil and chile and some of the other south american economies and the united states has been trying to check china here a little bit. and so the president didn't want to try to cancel this. and yet send a message that a lot of south americans have believed over the years which is that america takes help for granted, doesn't take it seriously enough as a region. the president's day here today begins with a meeting with the new president of brazil, the
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first woman president of brazil, they were supposed to take question, but the president of brazil didn't want to take any questions from the press. they say it has nothing to do with the fact that brazil was one of the five countries that abstained on the u.n. security council when it came to dealing with libya. >> we know the president has said the united states will not take the lead on this no fly zone resolution. so then what will the u.s. role actually be? >> reporter: hillary clinton is in paris trying to figure that out. publicly the president as you noted isn't going to rule out using u.s. air power, but behind the scene, it's clear that the united states doesn't want the american military used in any war actions for now. they would really like to see as far as air power is concerneded egyptians and saudis who probably have the two best air forces who are both members of the arab league that they take the lead. so that's part of the discussions today that secretary
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clinton is having with nato al highs. >> all right, chuck todd traveling with the president in brazil, thank you. for more, we're joined by jamie rubin, former z assistant of state under president bill clinton. escalated to quite a m. gadhafi says western powers will regret it if they interfere in libyan affairs and any action would be, quote, clear aggression. is this like a game of chess or do we know what his next move is going to be? >> i don't think we know his next move. personally i thought he'd go for this cease fire as a wave stopping the wegs and tbombs.yv stopping the bombs. ove stopping the bombs.fve stopping the bombs. stopping the bombs. u.s. officials will be able to determine through intelligence whether the libyan forces are attacking or not. and once that decision is determined, i think that will be part of what's happening in
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paris and my guess right now looks like there will be an air campaign in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> and speaking of paris, we mentioned secretary of state hillary clinton there, we saw her. what options are on the table? because they're obviously talking about the no fly zone following it up with military support, but what about any ground rooms? is there a possibility that that would follow some. >> no, i don't think so. and i don't think ground troops will be necessary. if this really comes together and it's still a big if with u.s. support, british and french air power in the lead, arab air forces involved, i think what you'll see is a pretty large scale attack on gadhafi's air defenses and then a no fly zone put in place. and then if the attacks continue, i think you'll see world aircraft attacking gadhafi's forces on the ground. and the one good thing, the silver lining here, is if there is a place in the world, you
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want to see air to ground attacks, it's in the desert, the best praise to do this kind of operation. president obama has been clear about no ground troops. but i would say that this is a puzzling role for the united states. traditionally we do play much more of a leadership role leading nato -- >> the president obama has been criticized for that, for not being more aggressive. could that have made a difference in what we're seeing now in libya? sq >> i think there's no question had what happened in the last 48 hour, a ufrn resolution authorizing force, that had it been done two weeks ago, the libyan situation would have been completely different. gadhafi might have already left by now seeing the whole world against him. he really had a last gasp effort and took advantage of it. but here we are and we are where we are and i think for now this is going to be a fairly long standoff with western and arab air power used against gadhafi's forces and these rebels could b
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bling the best ground force they can and that's the nature of what is essentially a civil war in libya. >> all right, we appreciate it. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we want to turn to japan now where a nation devastated by an earthquake and tsunami is now continuing to rye to prevent a nuclear crisis from becoming much worse. right now the desperate efforts to stop radiation leaking from the crippled power plant where several reactors have been badly damaged. robert bazell is in tokyo for us this morning. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hello, lester. the japanese government just announced that it has found levels of radiation in spinach and milk from farms in the north of japan. the government says the amounts are very small. they said if you drank one glass of milk every day for a year, you would get the same amount of raid i yags that you would get
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when you have an krcht t scan or if you ate one portion of spinach, you'd get one-fifth as much. but this shows you why the fight to keep more radiation from leaking is going on. as part of the desperate struggle to cool down the dangerous nuclear fuel, firefighters hosed down reactor number three. smoke rising from the plant shows the effort is at least partially successful. in the next major evident, workers are hooking electricity to try to get the pumps running, with you wh but what if they're damaged beyond repair? >> there are so many factors i won't even start to guess. >> reporter: beyond the reactor core, pumps are needed to refill tanks like these. there are 1760 tons of fuel in the tanks. four times more than in the reactor. this photograph shows the damage near the fuel tanks at reactor four. officials fear many tanks may have lost all or part of their water in the earthquake leaving the fuel susceptible to damage or even explosion. shooting or pumping water is one
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solution, but there is great concern that some of the pools are too damaged to hold water. u.s. engineers have developed a plan to fill the tanks with sand and other materials. the japanese say this is not feasible, but outside experts disagree. >> the idea with putting sand on the spent fuel pool is that it provides protection so that they can come back in and put water or something else on that will shield that -- stop the radiation from leaking out, slow down all of what's going on and give them time to make the next step happen. >> reporter: measurements taken by u.s. military planes show dangerous levels of radiation remain confined to the area near the plant. according to international agencies, the rates beyond the plant do not yet exceed dangerous levels. even though they're not beyond what people consider safe, the finding of the radiation in milk and spinach shows why this is such a big deal. even if the plant were to stop emitting radiation tomorrow, which it won't, every time a
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parent hears about radiation in any levels in milk or something, they're going to get really concerned and so we'll hear incidents of this kind of contamination for weeks or maybe even years from now. >> disturbing development. robert bazell in tokyo. thank you. ian williams is in northern japan today where the recovery efforts continue. ian is with american p troops helping in the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: good morning. today we've joined volunteers from a local u.s. military base wanting to play their part in cleaning up the debris from the tsunami. they came from the air force and army as well as civilians from the base moved by the plight of their japanese neighbors. ? sgl if there is wetness over there, stay out of the liquids. there might be chemicals in the area. >> reporter: the battered port area including cars thrown into the local forest. >> the chance to get out here
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and help our neighbors, it's important. we needed to come. >> we're all out here helping and i'd do it every day until they get it back. >> reporter: this area survived the tsunami better than most. at least there is something left to clean up. further down the coast, entire communities have been wiped from the map. and there are reports of critical 140r9ages of food, water, medicine and heating oil. the u.s. has offered to help japan in every way it can. the priority, though, remains getting those basic supplies to those still in desperate need in the worst affected areas. back to you. >> ian williams in northern japan. time for a check of some of the morning's other headlines. melissa francis is at the news desk for us. good morning, everyone. we begin in wisconsin where the judge has put the brakes on the new collective bargaining law delaying it from taking effect. the anti-union law prompted protests from thousands of public workers. the judge's order is in response
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to a lawsuit alleging lawmakers passed the measure without giving proper notice. raising the possibility of another vote. the republican attorney general says he will appeal. former secretary of state warren christopher has died. the 85-year-old passed away last night at his home in los angeles from complications from bladder and kidney cancer. he served during president clinton's first term and worked for peace in bosnia in the middle east. and former haitian president returned to haiti ahead of tomorrow's presidential elections. he's been in exile for seven years. the former president is criticizing a decision to bar his political party from elections. and relatives of victims who died in a new york city tour bus crash one week ago will return to the site of the crash this morning. interstate 95 will be closed for about an hour to allow for a buddhist ceremony. the bus was returning to chinatown from an overnight trip
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to a connecticut casino. 15 were killed and the investigation continues. finally, get ready for lunar show. they call it super moon. tonight the full moon will be the closest it has been in nearly 19 years. it will look massive and bright especially when it's near the horizon. an obstacle illusion makes it look 16% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. it will also create high tides and beach erosions, but experts tell us it's not a bad omen and it's harmless. wow. i guess we'll probably all be asleep by then, but maybe we'll check out the pictures tomorrow. that's the news. back to amy, lester and bill. >> those pictures made it look 500% bigger. >> magic of tv. bill karins is here with our first check of the forecast. >> yesterday was nice in the east, right? it was so nice. we wanted to bottle it up and take it back out today. but things have changed and also out west, that's where the worst weather will be. this is our last winter week he said thankfully, but out in
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california, you'll get heavy snow and rain and wind, it won't be pretty today around snan and especially tomorrow down the coast in los angeles and even san diego. so there is your forecast for today. much cooler in new england and also cooler in the carolinas. that warmth, that nice heat that we had is now confined to texas and florida. and there is all that wet weather on the west coast. good morning. we are watching another system as we head through this weekend which could produce anywhere from one to two inches of rain through sunday which may even produce some isolated flooding. we're going to be watching that, also with the chance here of some isolated thunderstorms throughout your saturday and sunday. and winds that could gust 20 to 40 miles an hour on your sunday as well. more coming up. s city and st. louis. that's your weekend broadcast. lester. >> we'll be back with more in a
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moment, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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we're so glad to have you back. just got back from japan two days ago, correct? >> yeah. >> and you were there almost immediately after the quake struck. >> yeah, i was in europe on personal business and we made our way to seoul and then finally japan. got there the night after. the minute you get there, you have aftershocks. we found people like this in sendai. their apartments had been trashed and they were living in their cars. and we were talking when it all starts to run, they run to their cars because they were afraid it was carrying radioactivity. >> black rain. >> and there is historical
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significance. so the stigma of history. >> and was there a lot of information coming to these folks, did they know what was happening? >> this was the problem. none of us knew what was happening. you knew there was this nuclear issue and the government was down playing it, that it's safe, but then you'd hear something else. so there was a real crisis of confidence. they've lost their home, their neighborhoods, their families, and now am i okay where i am. >> and they couldn't leave because there was a fuel shortage. >> no gas. i remember going to the airport the other day in tokyo, about an hour and a half, very congested city, we zipped out there in 55 minutes. there is nobody on the roads because nobody has fuel and people are increasingly afraid to go outside because of the radiation fear. >> and still and ongoing situation. you have to feel for everyone who is still there. >> and those of us who have covered war zones and conflicts,
5:25 am
we can prepare for that. you get helmets and bulletproof vests. this one you look outside and it looks fine. but you never know. >> great reporting. we'll be right back.
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good saturday morning, hope you remembered to batten down the hatches as you went to bed last night because it was a stormy one and another storm is coming our way, good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez, let's check that forecast with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it was a wild and wicked friday out there, but that ef- tornado report in santa rosa where winds may have topped 37 miles an hour. and hail and lightning for san
5:27 am
francisco, berkeley and richmond. we're looking here at scattered rainfall continuing throughout your morning with rainwinds, 15 30 miles an hour. another stronger system moves in with winds, thunderstorms and even possibly some isolated flooding. etat storm system is going to mene o a decent amount of moisture out here in the pacific. those two things combining together to give us our sunday storms. so as you look at the timeline for saturday, we'll see that chance of scattered showers as we mentioned. it's not until sunday morning at about 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning that we see some heavier rain and wind return. on your seven-day forecast, we'll see this on again, off again rain with sundays as our next storm that's arriving. >> all of the snow here is great news for skiers in the sierra.
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you may have problems because of massive snoef and also there was a deadly pile up. there was the scene of a deadly chain reaction crash. one person is dead and 20 others are injured because of this collision. interstate 80 is now open after it was closed for nearly 12 hours. during that time the interstate looked a lot more like a parking lot with drivers stuck in their cars, some of them without chains. if you're headed up into the snow today, keep in mind chains are required on interstate 80 and on 50. wild weather is making a bad situation worse near big sur. highway 1 is washed out near carmel and it could be that way for as much as a month. if you are traveling in the area, caltrans recommends taking highway 101, 68 and highway 46
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as alternate routes. we will continue our storm watch coverage throughout this morning right here on "today in the bay" and nbc bay in other news now, suspects in about a dozen criminal cases in contra costa county will walk free. the district attorney says he is forced to dismiss their charges as a result of an arrest of a former leader of a drug task force. commander welch says contra cost that -- welsh and a private investigator were arrested last month on drug charges, both pleaded not guilty. much more news coming up for you in a half hour and also "today in the bay" starts at 7:00. ne
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we're back on this saturday morning, march 19th, 2011. it's an early spring morning here in new york city. a great group of people outside. we want to thank them for spending part of their morning with us. coming up on "today," good samaritans to the rescue. >> this video we'll show you is pretty hard to believe fp shows a registered sex offender, he's allegedly trying to abduct a young woman, it happened on a platform of a los angeles commuter train station, but the apparent kidnapping was stopped when a group of commuters came to the woman's rescue. we'll show you more of those incredible images and tell tell you more in a moment. >> also ahead, something we can all relate to, rising prices it
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at the grocery store. prices are at an all-time high. and to make matters worse, manufacturers are finding ways to give you less for more. but we can help you navigate through those aisles and get the best deals in the market. and then we'll spend a saturday morning with a hollywood icon, the shirley jones. she's in new york with something our tv mom has never done before. we'll tell you more coming up. >> a little sneak peek right there will. >> we want to begin this half hour with a serious story. a major setback to casey anthony. she's set to stand really accused of killing her young daughter. her defense team was fighting to stop potentially incriminating statements she gave to police, but yesterday a judge delivered a devastating blow. more from mark potter. >> reporter: the ruling in orlando is a big win for the prosecution which plans to use
5:32 am
casey anthony's own words against her in trial. judge bell vin perry rejected the defense argument that some of anthony's statements to police should be thrown out because she wasn't read her miranda rights. >> this is huge for the prosecution to be able to show that a mother was lying to the police about the disappearance of her own daughter. >> reporter: defense attorneys argued that anthony should have been read her rights when she was first arrested for alleged child neglect in july 2008. not after she was charged three months later with murdering her daughter, caylee. >> that entire time you didn't mirandize. >> correct. >> reporter: in explaining why he never read her her rights, the detective said anthony at that point appeared as a victim who had lost her child. >> she was the mother of a missing child. i didn't think she had committed a crime. there was nothing no reason to mirandize her. >> reporter: the judge wrote because the court finds that these statements occurred during consents sul encounters with police, the failure of law enforcement to advise her of
5:33 am
miranda warnings do not render the statements inadmissible. in an odd twist friday, the nbc station in orlando uncovered a 2008 jailhouse video of anthony telling her brother she was given her rights early in the case. >> when mellick read me my rights in front of the other two detectives flat out said i'm going to hold you there as long as i can. >> the last thing defense lawyers needed when they're trying to say that the police should have been explaining miranda to casey anthony is evidence that kay scasey anthonw it so well she was making up lies about it. >> reporter: the ruling frees the process quugs to argue to the jury that anthony repeatedly lied to investigators by claiming a baby-sitter took her child an concocting a story about where she worked. anthony's trial is scheduled for may. for "today," mark potter, nbc nu ne news, miami. with us now is former new york city prosecutor and
5:34 am
criminal defense attorney paul callan. there's a fine line between material witness and suspect. when do things change? >> it's interesting that term material witness, suspect, person of interest, it's something that's developed kind 1/2 recent years. it used to be you were a suspect or not. but the police have got this more sophisticated terminology. but in the end, with respect to whether you get your miranda warnings has to do with whether you were in custody or not. >> so once they say you're under arrest, it changes everything. >> when they slap the cuffs or on you lack you in the back of a police cruiser, you have to get your constitutional rights. but here there was a more so sophisticated analysis going on. let's say three police officers are standing in about your living room around you asking you questions. are you in custody there? would you think yourself restrained? that's what the judge was trying to decide, should miranda warnings have been given.
5:35 am
>> so what the judge is saying is that she's freely talking at this point and she's not a suspect, so all those statements now come into play. how damaging is this to her? >> well, this is a big blow to the anthony defense because the case is a circumstantial evidence case. there is no direct witness to the death of the 2-year-old child. they're building the case on little pieces of evidence. and a lot of the evidence consists of casey anthony's inappropriate strange reaction to the disappearance of her own child. and to what police say were lies that were told during the course of the police investigation. >> and that gets to the other point, when she killed her child or not, the really will determine that, but i think we already get the sense that she's a liar because we hear her make the statements about the warnings where the miranda right which is weren't read. so how does that play into her overall credibility? >> well, i think it hurts her tremendously because it's one of the few cases -- usually the police have in saying we advised her of her miranda right, we told her she had the right to --
5:36 am
and here she tells somebody that she was in fact given her rights and the police said she was not. so why would she lie about that? it's one of a series of what the prosecution says are many lies that suggest she's lying about how her child disappeared. >> all that said, do you still think prosecutors have a pretty high bar to cross here to convict her 1234. >> she always do when the charge involves a mother who is allegedly the killer of her own child. 2 t. it goes against human nature. juries don't want to believe it. so they usually require a very, very strong amount of evidence to convict and these are hard cases for the prosecutor. here it's going to be especially difficult, no eyewitness. we're not even cheer about how this poor little child died. there is a real dispute as to whether she was suffocated or whether there was drtrauma. so difficult case for the
5:37 am
prosecution. >> thanks for coming on. now for a check of the weather, let's go paback to bill karins. temperatures have taken a big dip here in the east. wonderful crowd out here. yesterday we had record highs on the eastern seaboard. not the case today. the cold front visliced through. yesterday 80 in washington, d.c. chaerrair bloerry blossoms gett. temperatures 20 to 30 degrees cooler today. no rain, but don't expect the warmest when you send out for your saturday errands. middle of the country is wet and along with the west coast. remember, we welcome in spring as we go through sunday nig good morning. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we're watching another system as we head through this weekend which could produce anywhere from one to two inches of rain through sunday which may even produce some isolated
5:38 am
flooding. we're going to be watching that also with a chance of isolated thunderstorms throughout your saturday and sunday and winds that could gust between 20 and 30 miles an hour on your sunday as well. more coming up. voirs if you ever want your hour by hour forecast, go to up next, grocery store markups. are you paying more and getting less sf how to navigate the market aisles coming up. plus find out what david cassidy says about the onend aon only shirley jones. but first these messages. make y, don't suffer waiting for your pills to kick in. add alaway. for fast eye itch relief that works in minutes and lasts up to 12 hours. only alaway comes from the eye care experts at bausch & lomb. so when allergies strike, add alaway. because it's not just your allergies, it's your eyes. for fast eye itch relief,
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this morning on consumer, rising food prices. any trip to the supermarket will show you just how high prices are soaring and we're talking about the biggest jump in 36 years. consumer reporter janice lieberman is here to tell us which items are being hit the hardest and how to avoid sticker shock. >> i'm feeling it, are you?
5:41 am
>> absolutely. >> well, the usda predicts food prices will climb 3% to 4%. but why? we did a little digging and checked with experts on how you can save. have you checked the prices at the checkout lately? food prices are getting higher and higher. cereal and baked goods jumping 4.5%. dairy up 5.5%. and fruits and veggies, 3% to 4%. what's to blame? a bad weather. it slashed the amount of food farmers produced. according to the usda, corn reserves are at their lowest level in 15 years. and that's especially a problem since ethanol uses a quarter of the corn harvested. throw inflation in to the recipe and the results are not good. >> rising food prices huge issue for consumers. chances are you'll see bigger
5:42 am
price tags at your local pizza place or deli. it's the reality we're all facing. >> reporter: but for day to day shoppers, the supermarkets will be the place most will feel the bite. prices on some items may look the same, but consumer advocates say the packages have shrunk. orange juice has a few ounces shaved. air pumped in to yogurt containers. just a few ways experts say manufacturers hide the increase. so how do you negotiate your way through the aislie ins at the market? i asked senior editor at consumer reports to show me how to shop. first, a simple switch. swap name brands for generics. >> so average they can save you 25%, 30% off the cost of the name brand. and if do you an extr you you d trags, you could save $2,000, maybe more with very little loss of quality. weren't don't be lured in to grabbing an end cap item.
5:43 am
>> people expect the items to be on sale there and usually they are, but sometimes items are put on end caps that aren't on sale and you'll see some trickery going on, sometimes they'll take a searear cereal, for example, t they have to move.ear cereal, f they have to cereal, fo they have to move. cereal, for they have to move.cereal, for ey have to move. because it's nearing the end of their expiration dates. >> reporter: and compare competing products closely. allow do you check out what's cheap sner. >> the key thing to finding out which size is the better bargain is to look at the unit price.unit price is the cost per how long, per quart, per pound. look at the unit price because it's based on a quart. $1.63 here, and in it will instance $1.08. >> reporter: big difference. and before you pay, be sure to hand over your coupons and customer card. all little changes that add up to big savings. >> we contacted the grocery manufacturers association about changes this package size and
5:44 am
they said this this, quote, in times when it costs like commodity, fuel, et cetera are rising over fast and extended periods, inevitably consumers will eventually see the impact at retail. some companies raise the price of their products, some companies choose to slightly reduce the size of their product and keep prices stable. so that's how they pass it on. >> i like how they say that that's keeping the prices stable, but they're actually reducing how much you're getting. obviously we learned from you thousand shop smart, but is there any good news for consumers out there in the upcoming years?howthousand shop there any good news for consumers out there in the upcoming years? thousand shop s there any good news for consumers out there in the upcoming years?od shop smart, be ey have 5% more corn than lastp year, so we may see that trickle down, but it will take a while. >> as it always does. all right, thanks so much. coming up next, come on get happy. how does shirley jones spend chher weekend? we'll show you. ♪
5:45 am
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5:48 am
generations. and for the oscar win who are has done it all, something new. for the first time, she's performing a cabaret show in new york. the setting, intimate. the star, nervous. but ready. >> once i relax and get into it, i think i'm really going to enjoy it a hlot. >> reporter: so will her fans. the best may be her own, how at 17 jones first audition ever landed her a role on broadway in south pacific. >> and within a year, i was playing the lead in the motion picture oklahoma. ♪ oh, what a beautiful morning i don't think it could ever happen today what happened to me when i was 17 1/2 years old. >> reporter: from the movie, she then hit it big on the small screen as the mate yark of a musical family on the classic show. it was a perfect fit. >> i was the first working mother on television. this was so interesting to me
5:49 am
ame. danny done due which i was my bad little kid, which he still is, by the way. >> reporter: of course keith was played by her real life stepson david cassidy who during our interview had a surprise for jones. >> i just wanted to take it will stunt to say you're the greatest stepmother anybody could ever have had. i love you so much and thank you for all that you have given me in my life. >> oh, how flovely. >> reporter: jones is mattered to a producer and writer who is never without a punch line. the laughs keep coming and for the pair it's a bond that holds them together. >> we go through the seriousness, we yell and scream, but we end up laughing. >> reporter: the laughing is there. so is the love. even if it's unspoken. >> he has a big problem saying i love you. >> i show it in other ways. >> i know you do. i know he loves me, but he has a
5:50 am
hard time saying the words. >> reporter: they spend weekends shopping or watching classic movies at home in california. but both are in new york preparing for jones' cabaret debut. ♪ blue moon, you saw me standing alone ♪ all right now an incomparable star begins a new chapter always looking ahead, never turning back. >> i like who i am for the most part and when i get up in the morning, i feel good. >> expect to see more of shirley jones and her husband in the weeks and months ahead. the two are set to star in their own reality series. >> i love their love story. it's cute and funny. >> do you remember i interviewed danny bonaduce and david cassidy and david pointed out that he and shirley were the only musicians in the partridge family, the others were just faking it. >> and you were destroyed because you -- >> because i thought can danny
5:51 am
was a base player. a whole other story. we'll be back with more in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc. '
5:52 am
5:53 am
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5:56 am
good morning, folks, taking a live look at 880 running through oakland this morning. most folks are slowing down because there's rain on the roadway and more rain in the forecast as well. i'm kris sanchez, let's get that forecast from chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> it was a wild and wicked friday with that ef-1 tornado in santa rosa. also the water spouts that occurred in ocean beach and numerous reports of hail and
5:57 am
lightning for san francisco, berkeley and richmond. now as you look ahead towards your weekend, we're looking at a chance of scattered rainfall, continuing throughout your morning, with winds of 15 to 30 miles an hour. as we head into sunday, another stronger system moves in with winds, thunderstorms and even possibly some isolated flooding. that storm system's going to meet up with a decent amount of moisture out here in the pacific. those two a things combined wit things to give us our sunday storms. we'll see that chance of scattered showers as we mentioned. it's not until sunday morning until about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, we see heavy rain and wind return. we'll see this on again off again rain all the way through next week. once again with sunday as our next storm that's arriving. >> wild weather is making a bad situation worse near big sur, highway 1 is washed out south of
5:58 am
carmel? weather hampered the effort that makes the stretch of roadway from sliding farther down the cliff. inspectors aren't really sure how far fast the shifting is happening. they will continue to study it, no word on when that road will be opened but it could be a very long time. businesses in big sur are open and accessible from alternate routes. our storm watch coverage will continue throughout this morning right here on "today in the bay" and you can always get it online on nbc bay community leaders are rallying around a richmond pastor who was arrested while trying to save his church. officers hand can off -- a bank foreclosed on the church after leaders failed to pay the mortgage.
5:59 am
community leaders fade applauded his courage. >> i have visited their programs t mayor has been there, it's a really positive addition to the community, it's a real strong asset, they have a computer lab a child care center, really a lot of good social programs that are now going to be gone and it's a huge loss, so it was very painful to see this happening. >> community leaders are asking the bank to have a heart and allow the church to remain open. but the bank says it has done all it can to work the church through that collection process. continued coverage of the disaster in japan is coming up this morning on "today in the bay" coming up at 7:00.
6:00 am
welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. march 19th, 2011. i'm lester holt. >> with amy robach. libya this morning, short time ago moammar gadhafi showed the world he won't back down for a cease fire. the libyan strongman said the resolution threatening military action is invalid and said that the west would regret any involvement and is warning coming as the fighting intensifies in benghazi. all right. we have new details on the nuclear crisis in japan where
6:01 am
the radiation of a damaged plant continues to leak at the same time the country struggling with the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and then tsunami. thousands of people right now remain missing including an american schoolteacher, her name is taylor anderson and she's not been seen since the disaster struck. her parents are going to join us this morning with her story. also, a case of what would you do with an attempted abduction. a sex offender apparently tried to kidnap a young woman and showing you more images coming 7. first, the threat of moammar gadhafi ignoring calls far cease fire, taking aim at the u.n. and the white house. nbc's jim maceda is live in tripoli to tell us more. jim, good morning. >> reporter: yes, hi, lester. well, let's start with the gadhafi reaction. he actually sent two urgent messages according to government press spokesman here. one to president obama and the
6:02 am
other one to the united nations and the leaders of france and great britain. he said that there was no validity at all in the u.n. resolution, that the u.n. had no rights to send -- to launch a military intervention in any country in the world. that it's a racist act, that it's a sign of blatant colonialism and would be significant and serious consequences in the mediterranean and europe and specifically targeting france's leader and britain's leader saying you will regret your actions. now, the situation is, indeed, fast moving in benghazi. right now, we are learning that the defenses that had been set up by rebels on the southwestern outskirts of the city, the approaches to the city have fallen. that the pro-gadhafi forces have swung from the southwest into the southeastern outskirts of the city, still a couple of miles out beyond the city center. rebels retreated into the center
6:03 am
of town and preparing for what they call a street to street battle. lester? >> jim, we have seen a picture out of the region today. what do we know about the fighter jet coming down in flames? >> reporter: we now know it's a rebel fighter jet. the rebels c s commandeered two three of the old migs from the 1970s, they commandeered them about a month ago taking over benghazi including the military airport there. they sent up one of those fighter planes to try to engage in the southwest part of the city. the approaching gadhafi forces. there was tank fire, artillery rounds and it's still not clear, lester, whether it was pro-gadhafi forces that took that plane out, whether it was rebel forces, cross fire, if you will or simply a mechanic kl failu failure. it would not be the first time
6:04 am
they have had trouble flying. lester? >> jim maceda for this us this morning, thank you. president obama's warning to gadhafi comes as he and the first family begin a trip to brazil. nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is traveling with the president and joins us from brazil. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. well, despite everything going on on two different continents that the white house is monitoring from the japan crisis to libya and of course that situation, there was no thought of giving to canceling this trip. why? well, already the ties between the united states and the leading economic power here in south america brazil have been tenuous. china has a bigger economic role here on this continent arguably than the united states if anything they're very competitive and so economically for those reasons the white house felt they couldn't cancel the trip, they had to come because the price they would pay in the region would be too high despite all of the things they have to do and so, lester, what
6:05 am
they have done is chief of staff daley and the national security adviser traveling with the president to keep him apprised. >> there's a lot of news out of libya. gadhafi says that the western powers regret it interfering in libyan affairs and calls the u.n. resolution invalid. how will the president respond to the rhetoric? >> reporter: as you know, secretary of state hillary clinton is in paris to meet with nato officials and arab league officials at this point, and obviously, the whole point of yesterday's statement by the president was to give libya, you know, something, you know, hang something on here to sort of say, well, you left us no choice but to respond militarily so they'll call for the cease fire was just that. obviously, he is not abiding it and the question now is what is the coalition going to look like that participates in the military action? that's what the conversation is about today. is it going to be nato to take the lead? will the arab league take the
6:06 am
lead? will the saudis and egyptians asked? they have the best air forces in the arab league but may not want to participate. that's at the table tonight and today for secretary clinton in paris and obviously no u.s. troops are going to be used on the ground in libya and maybe only a limited amount of u.s. air power, lester. >> all right. chuck todd in brazil this morning, thanks. here's amy. lester, thank you. it's been eight days since japan was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami and now the country's coping with the worst nuclear crisis since chernobyl as crews scramble to prevent multiple meltdowns. chief science correspondent robert bazell joining us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're hearing the encouraging news about the crippled nuclear power plants. engineers gotten electricity to two of them and later on they'll see if they can get the pumps going with those. those water cannons shot enough
6:07 am
water, 1,500 tons, into a reactor to fill the fuel dump that was so much of a problem for a while and on two reactors diesel generators are working abe bringing down the temperature. amy? >> thanks for the reporting there in tokyo. in the past week, sales of masks and geiger counters surged here in the united states. here to help clear up some of these questions of radiation and the risk to pose to your health is nbc news chief medical editor dr. nancy schneider. thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. >> there's rising fears and concerns as trace amounts of radiation of japan showing up here. are there any significant health concerns? >> no. we did see two things happen last year. we saw the computerized plume cross over the pacific from japan and trace amounts detected on the california shore and that was expected. but those particles dissipated
6:08 am
over the 5,000-mile travel and then also a few jetliners landed, one notably an american airlines flight at dallas-ft. worth last week with radioactivity in the cargo hold. we know that the shoes of lester went off getting back the tokyo. shoes and suitcases may have picked up trace amounts but we are talking trace amounts and nothing that at this point would put an american at harm's risk. >> yet, that said, people are still running out and buying decontamination suits, iodine tablets. you said there's no health risk, why do you think there's a reaction? such fear. >> i think, frankly, the american government whiffed last week. we heard from two people, we heard from the head of homeland security and we heard from the national regulatory commission all of it having to do with radiation. two people we didn't hear from -- we didn't hear from the head of health and human services and surgeon general. when american haves a health
6:09 am
crisis or the fear of one, you need to hear from the people who will say, here's the science. we are going to hold your hand and we will tell you the truth. and i thought it was a terrible lack of leadership last week, frankly, from the federal government and wasn't until the president stepped forward and said, you are not at harm's risk that people sort of listened. so i've said all week long, if you take the tablets, not necessarily going to save your thyroid from cancer. >> could it do more harm than good? >> it could with an underlying thyroid problem or shell fish allergy and your daughters dosing is not the same as yours. not necessarily good and remember this takes care of the iodine but there others metals floating around. the long-term consequences are for the japanese and we know that livestock and milk and plants incorporating. it hurts the eco system much more than ours. >> with radiation concerns,
6:10 am
should people be concerned about the way we are exposed to it perhaps on a more regular basis like x-rays or ct scans and people are concerned. >> i'm a big believer to know what you're dosed with. every day we walk outside and get radiation from the planets and the radon in the soil and i don't think you should just get a cd scan because you think it's a good thing on a friday afternoon. that's real radiation. but we live in a society where there is low level radiation so you mitigate your risks. you avoid exposure whenever possible and you really then have to remember that a lot of this is preparedness. if you live near a fault line, be prepared f. you live near a nuclear generator, be prepared. your preparation goes a lot more toward keeping you healthy than a knee jerk reaction after a crisis. >> doctor, we appreciate it. thank you so much. melissa francis at the news desk for more of the top stories. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with a bizarre twist in the murder of an
6:11 am
employee in bethesda, maryland a. co-worker is charged with the killing. we have a report. >> reporter: police say britney norwood killed dana murray inside the store last friday night and fabricated a story about two suspects in gloves and masks. >> it was a dispute between the two women. we do have witnesses that were in the apple store that heard two females arguing. >> reporter: police say norwood lured the victim back to the store after they closed up saying she had forgotten her wallet. the murder happened at 1078 point after that. police say norwood moved murray's car from in front of the store leaving evidence behind that linked her to the crime. >> after finding physical and forensic evidence inside the deceased victim's car, miss norwood became a suspect in the case. >> reporter: norwood told
6:12 am
investigators they were sexually assaulted by two assailants but police say that was also a lie. police would not say if norwood's injuries were self inflicted or if murray had fought back. murray died from blunt force trauma and stab wounds saying there's no evidence to indicate anyone else was involved in the crime. >> that was darcy spencer reporting. egyptians are heading to the polls to vote on amendments of the constitution by the military. the nationwide refer dumb the first task of the transition to democracy since the revolution that overthrew long-time president hosni mubarak. yes vote would allow elections to be held this year. a new poll finds that most americans are in favor of gay marriage. "the washington post"/abc poll finds that 53% support same-sex marriage legislation. in 2004, that support was just 32%. right now same-sex marriage is legal in five states and the
6:13 am
district of columbia. and finally, the houston zoo has a new addition. a baby giraffe. just moments after she was born, video captured her struggling to get up. she eventually -- so sweet. she eventually made it to her feet and nursed from her mother. zoo officials say the two are doing just fine. i think that's exactly what it's like when a super model is born, as well. back to you. >> that face plant looked like it hurt. ouch. >> ouch. nbc meteorologist bill karins on the plaza with a check of the morning. good morning. >> good morning. you like that? all these girls here on the senior trip. outside of ada, ohio, correct? enjoying that. nice day here yesterday. look at what's happening around the country because we have troublesome weather out west, especially. looks like california in for it this week. high winds, we are going to see mountain snow, two to three feet and a ton of rain, too. even coastal areas to get
6:14 am
heavier rain in los angeles and tonight and middle of the country thunderstorms blossoming in oklahoma this morning. good morning, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, we're watching another system as we head through the weekend, which could produce anywhere from one to two inches of rain through sunday which may even produce some isolated flooding, we're going to be watching that also with a chance of some isolated thunderstorms throughout your saturday and sunday and winds that could gust 20 to 40 miles an hour on your sunday as well. more coming up. alifornia to the south ahead of the front. temperatures will cool off dramatically after the front goes through. and these nice ladies with the "we love amy" sign. we put the lester on. back to you. >> thanks very much. american teacher taylor anderson helped her students get
6:15 am
home after last friday's powerful earthquake in japan. and then left the school on her bike. that was the last time the 24-year-old from richmond, virginia, was seen. her parents andy and jean anderson join us from virginia. good morning to both of you and thank you for coming on with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> jean, i'll start with you. when you heard about the earthquake and tsunami did you realize that the community taylor was working in was potentially in the path? >> yes. i saw miyagi on the television. i knew that was her prefecture and where she was. >> you probably didn't expect her to pick up the phone right away under the circumstances. when were you able to get some information about her whereabouts immediately at the time of the quake? >> this past wednesday. >> and what were you told? >> that she was working at the elementary school. >> she was working at the school. the quake happened.
6:16 am
my understanding is that she helped get some of the kids home. is that what you have heard? >> we heard that she -- the parents were coming from their children. she waited until the children were picked up. some of them -- some of the parents hadn't arrived yet so they were outside waiting in a pavilion and when she left and was told that she needs to be careful because tsunamis often come after an earthquake. >> andy, her form of transportation was a bicycle. have you been able to do the math and figure out how much time she had from the time she left until the tsunami came through? >> yes. it was probably ten to 15 minutes. and she could probably travel two to three kilometers at the most. and it was a good four kilometers back to the other side of the river where she lived. so that's -- we assume she would be come where in that area
6:17 am
unless she heard a siren and started biking towards higher ground. >> and we know that she didn't make it to her apartment. what have you been told? i know you have been reaching out to members of the congress and other represents of the u.s. government, what efforts have they made to try to find her? >> they have got counselor officers who go into an area and interview all the people involved. we were able to find out tuesday night when we were able to make contact with one of her friends where she actually worked that day and the next day one of the local officials who's an american but works for miyagi prefecture went and interviewed some of the people at the school and that's when we really knew the timeline, that she left just before the tsunami warning and probably was gone about 10, 15 minutes before the tsunami hit. >> where does that leave you
6:18 am
right now? do you have any plans to travel to japan and join in the search yourself? >> we would like to. we've -- we're asking for permission to do that. >> well, we know a lot of areas are cut off there and continue to be communications difficulties and let's hope it's just matter of that. we'll continue to follow your story. thank you so much for coming on and talking with us. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> all right. we're back in a moment but first these messages. capital one has asked yours truly to talk about the venture card "match my miles" challenge.
6:19 am
they're so confident their miles are better, they'll match the miles you've earned on your airline credit card -- up to 100,000 -- on a new venture card. it's unbelievable. believe it. venture card miles are good on any airline, anytime. it's like an upgrade from this... to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right? commuters waiting for a train in los angeles were stunned to see a man trying to abduct a young woman. and when it happened, these men and women did much more than just watch. they stepped into save the victim. kristen welker reports. >> reporter: the images captured by a surveillance camera are haunting. >> these actions were incredibly brazen. >> were you scared? >> i was terrified actually. >> reporter: karen witnessed
6:20 am
what authorities say was a kidnap show a man in a white t-shirt grabbing a young woman waiting for a train thursday afternoon in los angeles. >> he grabbed her from behind and he like put his hand right across her shoulder like this and held her. >> reporter: and then you can see a group of about ten by sander is an stand ders surround the perpetrator and tackle him. that allowed the vehicle it tim to rvictim. the suspect also fled. sgle got up as if nothing happened and he ran inside the train. everyone was kind of like standing in shock. >> reporter: the suspect didn't get far. investigators say they arrested 46-year-old james burnett at the next rans it stop. they say burnett is a registered sex offender with a criminal record. authorities say the victim has come forward. she is shaken, but okay. and doesn't want to be identified. now their attention is focused on finding those good samaritans
6:21 am
who sprung into action to save her. >> what they did was really unique. >> yes, it was. these people said no, they said this is not going to happen today. not on our station, not on our train line, not in our city. >> reporter: authorities plan to track down all of the subway riders who took matters in to their own hands. citizens who put themselves at risk to rescue a complete stranger. for "today," kristen welker, nbc news, los angeles. great story. still ahead, turning a bad marriage into, a yes, good divorce. but first this is "today" on nbc. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
6:22 am
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still to come on "today," new details on prince williams' trip overseas and kate middleton's visit with her future in-law. plus the mystery novel being printed on lamp posts. but first these messages.
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kissedith real honey for a mmy ta that's jusrit. and the 100% nural whole ai trea hea set. and the 100% nural whole ai because eyan help loyour choster good morning to you, take a life look at san jose where it was raining just a little bit as i was heading into the studios this morning. let's check our forecast, the chief meteorolefis jtf ranieri for what we can expect all about the bay area. >> it was a wild and wicked friday out there with that ef-1 tornado in santa rosa where winds could have topped 70 miles an hour. also the water spouts that occurred in oak beach and numerous accounts of hail and
6:27 am
lightning. as we look ahead towards your weekend, scattered rainfall continuing throughout your morning with winds 15 to 30 mi js an hour and a slight chance of a thunderstorm, but as we head into sunday, anothe stronger system moves in with winds, thunderstorms and even possibly some isolated flooding. that storm system's going to meet oneot a decent amount of moisture out here in the pacific. those two things combining together to giv us our sunday storms. so as you look at the timeline for saturday, we'll see that chance of scattered showers as we mentioned. it's not until sunday morning at about 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning that we see some heavier rain and wind return that. will stay with us throughout your sunday morning at this point. on your seven-day forecast, we'll see this on again, off again rain throughout this week, once again, sunday with our next storm that's arriving. >> driving to lake tahoe has been down right dangerous. this is a photo taken from the scene of a chain reaction crash which involve at least one big
6:28 am
rig and up to 40 cars. california highway patrol we one person is dead and 20 others injured. during that time the interstate looked more like a parking lot with drivers stuck in their cars. some of them without chains. and the power is on again in the east bay after a wild weather storm knocked out power for more than 5,600 people. the areas affected is berkeley and kensington. the majority of those outages we're told are weather related. an alameda county administrator is back from a good will trip to japan which is experiencing last -- she was part of a delegation of business and government leaders to tokyo for a relationship building program. she was on a bus back to her hotel when the quake hit. she says the two-minute quake
6:29 am
felt like a roller-coaster ride. she's experienced quakes here in the bay area as she was most improved by to the japanese calm in the face of emergency. >> you didn't see a lot of horn honking, you there were not people screaming or running, it was a calm response but clearly a lot of people who were stuck in tokyo at the end of the business day on friday and not able to get home. >> while parts of tokyo look desserted, many people slept in company offices for days because of a lack of transportation. more on the effort to help japan coming up at 7:00 this morning, also we're watching a fire burning in the east bay right now threatening parts of till don park. g
6:30 am
we're back on this saturday morning, march 19th, 2011. the last day of the long winter season. we cannot wait for spring to arrive tomorrow. i'm sure our great crowd here feels the same way. amy robach along with lester holt. >> 41 days until the royal wedding. a lot went on this week from the journey to australia and new zealand to kate going out on the town with her royal in-laws. >> and now even that famous
6:31 am
see-through dress was sold at auction, we have everything royal coming up in just a bit. >> also be talking divorce unfortunately, but perhaps a better spin on divorce. we'll speak with one of the best known lawyers in the business and he'll talk about how both sides can leave the marriage without losing their mind or a good deal of their money. >> and then we love a good mystery novel. well, this one may be the most mysterious of them all. the pages are popping up on lamp posts around one new york city neighborhood. it's a great who dun it. we'll take you on the search for the next page and the secret author. >> aing to posting your writing. bill karins has another check of our forecast. >> a little chilly out here. you're from st. louis. what's your name? >> amanda. >> we like to have everyone nice and comfy out here today. hey, buddy. as far as the forecast go, beautiful conditions out there.
6:32 am
i know much cooler but at least it's sunny. warm florida to texas. west coast heavy rain from san fran good morning, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, we're watching another system as we head through this weekend, as we produce one to twool inches rain through sunday, which may even produce some isolated flooding. we're going to be watching that also with a chance here of some isolated thunderstorms throughout your saturday and sunday and winds that could gust 20 to 40 miles an hour on your sunday as well. more coming up. and increasing rain. mountains of california three feet of snow. that's a look at your weekend forecast. lester. this morning on countdown to the royal wedding, just 41 days away. this morning we have news on the home front and abroad with kate middleton in the uk and prince william in australia.
6:33 am
kyra simmons is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. you can already feel the excitement building here. all the same prince william has left his bride to be to make wedding plans opver the weekend while he's carrying out the royal duties that they will soon perform together. this weekend prince william is in australia to meet victims of the recent cyclone. in just six weeks, a visit such as this will see two royals in attendance. perhaps they were planning the big day. his choice of footwear a rousing some comments. no fashion faux pas when he walks into westminster some comments. no fashion faux pas when he walks into westminster abbey. the tension already building.
6:34 am
>> it's tremendously exciting and it will be a wonderful occasionally. >> reporter: an occasionally marked by an array of memorabilia. there are even unofficial dolls for those who want to do more than just watch the ceremony and a special beer called kiss me kate to toast the couple. they have asked for not for wedding presents but for donations to charity. >> for them to step up and say we want to use this opportunity, use the world's attention and do something transformational is admirable. >> reporter: amid the plans for the future, there was a yen tell oig reminder of the pass. the see-through dress born by kate at a fashion show was sold at auction.the see-through dres kate at a fashion show was sold at auction.pass. the see-through dress born by kate at a fashion show was sold at auction.pass. the see-through dress born by auction.ashion show was sold d for around $100,000. soon a very different dress will come to symbolize the next stage in their relationship.
6:35 am
while william is waaway, charle and camilla were seen with kate it at the ballet. a sign perhaps that she is almost already part of the the ballet. a sign perhaps that she is almost already part of the the ballet. a sign perhaps that she is almost already part of the family. it's being called the ultimate reality show. the royal wedding is expected to command the biggest audience in tv history. will it deliver? joining us is a royal contributor. let's talk about that dress that sold at auction $125,000. will this continue to have huge historic significance? >> reporter: in my opinion, this dress is definitely something of a marilyn monroe feel about it. remember the dress monroe wore in '62, that's become historical and i think it this dress will be far more so because of the royal connection. when you actually see it up droe close, i have to tell you girls
6:36 am
it's not that great quality dare i say, but once it's seen on that body, it does become worth quite a little bit more. to the guy who bought it, it will continue to rise. so we wonder if he'll maybe sell it on. >> now you tell me it's poor quality, who wants it. let me talk about william is overseas. kate hit the royal ballet with her future parents in law. what's your take on this outing? is it all part of the preparation? >> reporter: it's a very kind jess ch gesture. what's interesting is their choice of venue. the royal ballet of course, princess diana was a patron of that particular charity, too. so i'm guessing that maybe kate would go down that route once she becomes of course an official royal, once she married in 41 days i'm. a clever move by her, but with
6:37 am
dough know that she $5 doadores night out. >> prince william was sent to new zealand as the official representative of the queen to boost morale down there in the wake of the earthquake there. why do you think he was sent? is this part of solidifying him in the image of a king? >> reporter: a lot of people in britain are thinking why didn't charles go and the bottom line is that he will become the next king. but i think from the point view of the royal image, prince william is young and i think from his point of view, he wants to obviously go, he's been there before. and i think he has lifted mora e morale. but he hopefully says he can't to much but offer simple path this. which we all do. thanks very much.
6:38 am
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6:42 am
divorce. >> there is no misery in the world like divorce. >> he's a high powered divorce lawyer with a client list that includes well-known faces and the exs of even bigger stars. >> in hollywood, they developed this two step, we respect and admire each other and continue to be parents and hope to be friends. sub text, i hate your guts. >> if he would erhe's used to g wanted, but more importantly, what his clients want. when he represented robin givens, she reportedly walked away with $10 million after being married less than a year. and his take no prisoners persona was on display when he took on former new york mayor rudy giuliani as a client. >> my client has not ever said anything bad about his wife. i said bad things. >> reporter: now after four decades of seeing firsthand how divorces can go tragically wrong, he's written the good
6:43 am
divorce, how to walk away financially sound and emotionally happy. and with me now is author of the good divorce. good morning. >> good morning. >> i must say when people hear your title, the good divorce, people say there is no such hing thing. why did you choose the title 1234. >> because there can be good divorces. what happened is i had apepiphany and i observed one. there are only two situations that can be cured by signing a paper. if you're granted a pardon or a divorce decree. second thing i've observed that every once in a a while i was getting a client who was happy divorce was a pleasure for him. and there's a way to have a good divorce. >> you say that births and
6:44 am
deaths canccidental, but divorce is never an accident. >> some of them are planning it for years, but it's always a deliberate thought out act. >> how do you know when it's time to get a divorce? >> you don't really. like giving birth. what i tell people, a simple test. if you're a p one, does your husband ever travel? oh, yeah. think about it. when he go, do you feel better? next day i get a call. he was traveling. i felt like a bird out of a cage. then you got to get divorced. >> and then you got see who to turn to. divorce lawyers like yourself are not exactly cheap. they can cost a lot of money. so what should someone consider when they want to file? >> first of all, when you meet the lawyer, if he says to you we're going to destroy you or your spouse, he'll be sitting in the gutd ter, run out of there.
6:45 am
h then you ask him what are his plans? see if he sounds logical. talk about what it's going to cost. and if the lawyer is embarrassed to talk about money, imagine how he's going to be with your spouse's lawyer. he's for tnot going to be very . and reasonable. be reason be. second and third rule maybe the most important rule is don't bring the kids in to it. >> and that's obviously for everyone's benefit. you say that oftentimes the first offer a woman gets is her best offer. >> yeah, because a man comes in and approaches the divorce and he says i just want to cheat a little bit, i don't want to ruin her. but then the anger starts and the case starts and they're angry. i want to get her the hoe elowe possible. so if you're dealing with a normal person, the best offer comes originally and you have to consider a that. >> you say normal, but how are
6:46 am
celebrity divorces different than regular people? >> it's like fighting a corporation. you have to deal with the manager, the press guy, financial adviser. and on top of all this, you have people listening and saying, yeah, great, let's do it, let's get the helicopter over there and see what she's doing. that sort of stuff. >> they're very rarely the good divorces. all right. the book is the good divorce. thank you. >> thank you. and we're back, but first this is "today" on nbc. >> right now in america, one out of four children doesn't know where their next meal is coming from. >> food insecurity is a growing problem in the united states. >> tune in march 19th at 7:30 p.m. on nbc to see child hunger ends here: a special report. a spec
6:47 am
[ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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6:49 am
wondering who is behind it. in the age of digital media where the ebook is a common fixture, if new york city's eastville alleeast village, a novel idea. posting a story, but not online. >> i'd like to think we had 30 good years. >> reporter: this new who dun it requires detective work on the part of reader who is directed to a different street for each installment of the story. the pages are hard to find and most passers by had to be told they were are. but justin says the work is making a statement. >> the act of posting it is what creates the experience. it has nothing on do with what the text is.ton do with what the text is.on do with what the text is. do with what the text is. it requires you to do physical leg work. also seems to be part of the task. >> reporter: the east village has been the van guard of art movements at tracks poets in the '50s and andy warhol in the
6:50 am
'70s. it was the birth place of punk rock.70s. it was the birth place of punk rock. and it was the setting for the musical rent. this is the latest radical idea and not everyone agrees it's good one. the owner of stromboli pizza says the author could have a wider audience. >> we have the technology and just do it over the internet. >> reporter: justin says the work romanticizes books. >> it's a felt idea. you know what the desire for change is and what the potential for loss is. >> reporter: no one has yet claimed credit for the work and so far it only goes up to page 12 leaving readers to wonder who the mystery writer is and when they'll strike again. page 12, that leaves you hanging. >> really, 300 -- i mean, how long is this novel? that is quite a task. >> one good rainstorm could wipe
6:51 am
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6:55 am
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good morning to you, take a live look from our san bruno mountain camera. out across the bay, we see


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